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The SmileCard Plan

Argus Dental & Vision is committed to delivering exceptional customer service to our members. The SmileCard Plan offers easy to understand benefits and outstanding discounts on dental care at an affordable rate.

Founded in 2007 by a Florida dentist, Argus Dental and Vision is a Florida based, Florida focused dental and vision company. The SmileCard Plan provides access, quality and value to plan members in Florida.

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Pricing Options

  Monthly* Annually*
Member $8.95 $107.40
Member and Family $14.95 $179.40

*$25 one-time enrollment fee applies to your first year of enrollment



The SmileCard Plan is not insurance.
Rather the SmileCard Plan provides discounts at certain dental providers for dental services. The SmileCard Plan does not make payments directly to providers of dental services. The SmileCard Plan member is obligated to pay for all dental services but will receive a discount from dental providers who have contracted with Argus.